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Pets for Kids

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My daughter is five and a half today. She’s been begging for at least 3 months now to get a cat. She really wants a cat. She is 100% percent her mother’s daughter in that aspect.

We won’t be getting her a cat any time soon. This complex charges an extra $200 non-refundable deposit and then another $100 a month for rent for having one pet. They double that for each additional. Yeah, insane, I know. I would love to have a cat, Josh would love to have a cat (a cat would be better in an apartment than a dog, just because of the litter box alone).

I’m having the “I want a pet” blues lately. There was one kitten that was wandering around the complex that our neighbor ended up adopting. She is a gorgeous black and white cat that the previous tenant owned. She got out and just started coming back. Our neighbor has an almost 4 year old (she’ll be four next week), and she’s doing great with the cat. They both are so in love with this cat, and they just adopted her last week.

When we get a house, we will be getting at least one cat and at least two dogs. One dog will be of Josh’s choice, and one will be of mine (though you know the kids will get a say so). The cat will be coming from the humane society here in town, along with at least one of the dogs. I cannot wait until we get a house so I can finally have my pets. I miss having animal companions. I’m even willing to clean out the litterbox, provided it’s a self-cleaning litterbox.

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