Daily Archives: 15 December, 2008

Christmas Gifts

:christmas: My mom called me yesterday to let me know of a few gifts she picked up for the kids.

For Ethan

LeapFrog Clickstart My First Computer
Madi already has one (the same exact one) that she got for her birthday, and Ethan loves it, so Mom decided to get him one of his own. 🙂
LeapFrog® ClickStart Educational Software: Backyardigans: Number Pie Samurai
One of the only games we don’t have for the system, 😆

For Madi

Vtech – Kidizoom Digital Camera – Pink
She chose this one because it allows movies and games, so Madi’ll be able to do more than just take pictures. Spoiled much? All 3 of the females in my dad’s life (not including Mom) got/are getting cameras this year, :lol:. Megan got one for her birthday (September), I got one for mine, and Madi’s getting one for Christmas, :).

I think my kids are going to make out like bandits. We spent a lot this year, more than we were expecting to be able to spend, but we bought more clothes this year than toys, and I think that’s better, anyway. We got them each one $40 toy, and then spent no more than $15 on the rest. 🙂 Madi’s $40 was the Dora and the Pegasus gift that she wanted, and Ethan’s was Megatron. We got him Optimus last year, so Megatron this year. His first, and ONLY, bad guy from Transformers, :lol:.