Waiting … waiting

I took a nice video, I think, of the . Uploaded it to YouTube without a problem. Now I’m cooling my heels, literally, waiting on it to be processed. Last night’s video of didn’t have this many problems.


I got a call from Madi’s teacher though. Not a bad one, not the eye either (got a call yesterday about her eye being red and swollen and they were worried it was , but it was most likely an to Jack, whom she played with on Sunday [delayed reaction, normal for her] or he accidentally scratched her. It was clear, just a little pink in the corner, but no , so no … looks more like she might have a ). Anyway, the call was about a note I sent her. It was about if school got called early (happened regularly in Evansville), that Madi was to ride the bus. So, she was calling to let me know it doesn’t happen often (once in , :lol:), but was wondering if I wanted Madi to go ahead and ride the bus home tonight. I said yes. It would be a lot easier for me, and safer for Topeka on a whole 😉 I’ll be getting her tomorrow (highs in the 40s) but today would be too windy and blowy 🙂

Is that video done yet? Bah!! STILL not up. For god’s sake, what is taking so long? It’s a ONE MINUTE video. Screw it, I’m trying Flickr.

Now, what to say while waiting on Flickr? I have absolutely no idea. I’m a bored .

Sorry, Ethan’s watching , and Madi went to school in a shirt, so I’ve got on the . 😛

There, the video


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