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Wordless Wednesday

Quarter past the freckle, three quarters to a hair

You ever tell someone what time it was based on your arm or wrist? I do often, since I don’t wear a watch, :lol:. Maybe I should look into some Nooka watches. Then I could keep my cellphone in my purse, so I’m not tempted to text when I’m out and about, 🙂

All eyes will be on a clock tonight (in the US). It’s New Year’s Eve, and the countdown to midnight has begun. Have you prepared? Do you have enough time to clear the air, so you can start 2009 anew? You’ve got 13 hours and 33 minutes. GO!


Josh and I were talking vacations yesterday, when talking about what to do with tax return. He said he wants to visit his grandmother in Florida. My first reaction: um, no. Heat and kids and cars equal guaranteed car sickness. EW! Yeah, even me, it seems. Mine is more of a nerves thing. Maybe if we flew? Maybe we could check out Westgate?

Personally, I’d rather go to Blissdom ’09, but that won’t happen. No one to watch the kids, and Madi has school, so I can’t pull her out for that 🙁 For those going, have fun!!

Less Words Wednesday

Time for those New Year’s Resolutions, the “full” list.
These may or may not be followed, :lol:.

  1. Blog 365 (post everyday)
  2. Project 365 (take a picture everyday)
  3. Clean more regularly
  4. Spend more time with kidlets
  5. Be more regular with Sigs ‘n More

What about you?

The Breastfeeding Debate Continues

I breastfed my children. Josh took pictures, yes, as a way of helping us remember how close we were during those times. Since Ethan only breastfed for six weeks, due to complications on my part (milk literally just dried up during a growth spurt), the pictures are a welcome part of my life. Do I show them on the internet? No. Do I condemn others and say they’re inappropriate? No, I just don’t look at them, because I consider breastfeeding to be a private thing. I’m not knocking those that don’t believe that, it’s just me, and how I was raised.

A couple years ago, LiveJournal attempted to ban the use of breastfeeding icons. The backlash was insane. I remember. I was a part of it. Now, Facebook is attempting to do the same with pictures. Twitter is having a hay day going on and on about it.

I’m with those saying it’s wrong for Facebook to screen pictures of breastfeeding mothers. They allow half-naked girls doing drugs and drinking. There’s a big difference between mothers feeding their child and breasts being exposed for the sake of being exposed. People of the world need to stop censoring others, and take a look at themselves and figure out why they’re so pissy about a breastfeeding mother, but completely okay with teens flashing their breasts to anyone who walks by.