Home Security

With the of the , there has been talk of home break-ins going on the rise. It is also the when people start shopping for Christmas. Even if it’s going to be a tight year, there will be some expensive items in homes. for a break-in. Because we live in an complex, we’re almost screwed when it comes to the ability to have a home security system. We want one, but the ones for , that follow the rules of them of no installations and etc, we’re stuck with being thankful we’re on the second floor, leaving only two points of entry.

We want to get a house, though, and we’re actually considering . We’ve heard a lot of good things about them. Getting a home security system from them would be a . I’m willing to spend money to save money in the long run. A lot of homeowners companies offer discounts for having a home security system. I know ours gives one for that, and then one for a .

Having a home security system is not just for . It’s for the safety of your family. Knowing that if someone chooses your house to break into it, knowing that someone is able to call police if you are not, knowing that there is someone there, in case you are hurt, or your kids are scared, is always something worth having. Even if you think you can defend yourself, you are not immune to a break in.

Okay, now I’m seriously freaking myself out. I know we are mostly safe. We have neighbors who would call the police if something happened. But still, why take the chance?


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