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Another One (Last I Swear)

If you want to play along, open up your iTunes and follow the directions. If you do this on your blog, let me know so I can come visit.

Total songs: 1457

Sort by song title, first and last:
About the South – Rodney Atkins
8th of November – Big ‘n Rich

Sort by length, shortest and longest:
Untitled – Garth Brooks – (7secs)
Titanic Suite (Instrumental) – (10:06)

Sort by album, first and last:
Simply Irresistible – Robert Palmer
She’s Out of My Life98 Degrees

Sort by artist, first and last:
I Want Candy – Aaron Carter
True To Your Heart – 98 Degrees and Stevie Wonder

Top five played songs:
What I’ve Done
If Everyone Cared
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Don’t Laugh at Me

Find the following words and list how many times they come up:
Sex (6)
Death (3)
Love (91)
You (266)
Home (29)
Boy (74)
Girl (42)

First five songs which come up on party shuffle:
Radio – Smash Mouth
Callin’ Baton Rouge – Garth Brooks
Old Town New – Tim McGraw
A Shore Never Reached (Instrumental) – James Horner
Star Trek Voyager theme – Jerry Goldsmith

I Has the Bored: Music

It’s a random shuffle quiz! You know how they work. So, here’s the soundtrack to your biopic.
1. Opening Credits: Testify to Love – Avalon
2. Waking Up: Les Poissons – Rene Auberjonois
3. First Day At School: To Know You – Nichole Nordeman
4. Falling In Love: Hero – Enrique Iglesias(okay, now this fits perfectly since Josh and I did fall in love when this song was the ‘love’ song)
5. Fight Song: Sunday Mornings – Maroon 5
6. Breaking Up: Nothin’ But a Good Time – Poison
7. Prom: The Buffalo – Billy Ray Cyrus (um, okay)
8. Life is OK: The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Token
9. Mental Breakdown: Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer (now that’s fecking hilarious)
10. Driving: Reflection – Christina Aguliera (Aww!! I :lovestruck: this song)
11. Flash Back: Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s (Oooh, I like this song)
12. Getting Back Together: In Between – Linkin Park (I guess it’s good that they made it on the list 😛)
13. Wedding: Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer
14. Birth of a Child: Heaven – Warrant
15. Final Battle: I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair – George Jones (I’m laughing so hard at this right now)
16. Death Scene: I Wanna Feel Something – Trace Adkins
17. Funeral Song: How You Ever Gonna Know – Garth Brooks
18. End Credits: Can You Feel Love the Tonight – Elton John

Less Words Wednesday

Yes, I’m bored. Yes, it’s an extremely healthy breakfast.
I’m exhausted. I need to sleep more!!

Good night zonk