Coupon Time

With the coming, it’s time to do a search for some coupons. I love and adore coupons, so finding free online coupons through is just perfect.

As most know, I’m a huge fan of at Walmart, so finding some coupons for there is awesome. I really want an iPod for Christmas, and there are some great coupons for that. Less than $60, including free shipping. Awesome, right?

Josh and I also plan on buying another HP tower, and there’s even HP coupons for that. :w00t: Maybe I should just settle for a new printer since we desperately need one with wifi, as I’m tired of having to sit on the floor to print from the laptop, or turn on the tower to use the flash drive.

What would you use coupons on if you could?


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7 thoughts on “Coupon Time”

  1. Oye! No idea why I have to delete all the links but for some reason I do 🙁

    I have the original. 🙂

    Thanks for the links!!
    We’re thinking of getting Madi a Didj 🙂

  2. Awesome deal for the iPod!

    Although I’m not a long time coupon user, I’m enjoying the savings immensely!

    Just yesterday, I went to Walmart and cashed in a coupon for Buy 1 Bag of Whiskas Dry Cat food (1.5 kg or 2.0kg) and Get the 2nd FREE!! Duplication isn’t allowed, so I’m going to have to try using various email addresses in order to print another, and then simply scan that and print some more. Yeah… sneaky… But with 5 cats in the house and a very low budget, it’ll surely help!

    Through the summer, I’ve requested and received coupons from

    I recently found some great savings for the new Leap Frog Didj children’s gaming system right on the Leap Frog site. For example, they are having combo sales on their site with the game system and games included together and if you sign up with them , you get $5 off any Didj game with your purchase of $30 or more… which most games are $30.
    More savings: I don’t have any kids, but I couldn’t keep from sharing that with my friends since it is also a learning gaming system.

    I’m in a group called KFF/KristysFrugalFriends – here’s the group link in case your interested:

    This comment will probably request for you to approve it because of all the links LOL Sorry about that.

    Tans´s last blog post..Online Pizza Ordering Now Possible Through Facebook!

    I had to edit to see the comments, but I have the original
    -Sarah, admin of TM2TS

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  4. mmm…coupons. Love them, but rarely remember to use them. I would love coupons for a new skillet. Mine’s been abused. And a BlueRay/DVD player. lol. Maybe a new flat panel tv. I’ve got big dreams.

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  5. There’s nothing wrong with big dreams. While I don’t really want a blueray player (the DVDs are significantly more expensive, and I’m cheap), I wouldn’t mind a flat panel TV, LCD preferably 🙂

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