Oh, Did I Tell You?

My brother’s girlfriend is pregnant. The scary thing? We’re suggesting he get DNA testing done when the baby is born. When she got pregnant, they were no longer living together. I’m not saying they weren’t sleeping together, I’m just saying I don’t trust the *bleep* as far as I can throw her. She’s the type that threatens suicide if you break up with her, and spreads all the drama on MySpace while she keeps her crap private. Then again, since she’s always drinking, I’m hoping, for the sake of an unborn child, that this is all a hoax and that there is *no* baby at all, and it’s just a way to try and force my brother into a relationship he no longer desires.

Sometimes, I hate my family.



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  1. Thankfully, that hate only goes to the brother and the DNA Donor. The rest I love and adore 🙂

  2. Oh good god, Monique. No! Then again, this bitch can cause enough drama to be on Maury 😉

  3. NotAMeanGirl

    You are NOT alone… there’s days we ALL hate our families… heh… there’s times I have more days where I hate them than I don’t… Hang in there!

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  4. Monique

    Let me know if y’all are going to be on Maury for a DNA test! :-p

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  6. You’re supposed to turn off that inner editor 😉
    Good luck!!

  7. Kiki

    Yeah, the chapters are short, but the story seems to have a mind of its own and things keep changing. So I keep going back and adding big chunks of text to them!

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