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Coffee Makers

With NaNo right around the corner, once again, it’s time to start thinking of coffee. Anything to keep the juices going, and to keep me awake to make those daily writing goals.

I currently have a Senseo pod system. I love it, love it, LOVE IT!! BUT!! I’ve been seeing some new coffee makers out there. They come with the travel carafes. That, to me, is just awesome. Definitely would come in handy with both my husband and me. Yes, we also have a regular coffee maker, but bleh! That’s more work!!

Oooh, now that I’m on the discussion of coffee, now I want coffee. Now to choose the flavor, LOL. What’s your favorite flavor/type?

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T13 – 36th Edition :: 13 Costumes I’d Wear

Halloween, oh Halloween. How much I love thee.
Okay, that was a little weird and awkward, :lol:. I honestly do love Halloween, though. Now to show off would I wear for Halloween, if I had the guts.

What would you wear?
Notice: Some might find these “inappropriate”. You have been warned :fryingpan: :relieved:
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