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I Want and NEED a House, NOW!

Okay, Josh and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday, looking for wedding anniversary gifts for my friends. While there, we found out how eerily and scarily our tastes mesh. Josh is 100% for the blue/brown theme I want for 90% of our living spaces, once we buy a house. I mean the walls, the floors, the furnishings, the bedding, the whole shebang.

What is it that makes us mesh so well, though? I don’t know, but I honestly hope and pray that it stays that way. We both know what we want, and while we’re willing to compromise on most things, we’re finding we won’t have to too much. I think our big compromise will either be location or size of yard. Bleh!!

Can I has my house now, PLEASE?

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Ugh, Don’t Drink

Okay, I drank a bit last night. I had some Bailey’s with coffee, a Bacardi Silver Strawberry and deKuyper Buttershots (with A&W Cream Soda). All tasted great until I had a muscle spasm. That HURT like a sonofa!!

Ugh! Nope, no hang over, just absolutely no sleep. For some reason, my insomnia kicked in like crazy. My husband also was dealing with it. Joy! So we got no sleep.

Thank god Madi didn’t have school or it would have been bad!! Then again, I wouldn’t have drank at all if she did. She goes back tomorrow and Josh is off tomorrow (unless they change the schedule again).

Can I have a nap now?


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