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I Want Contacts

With the awesome insurance we have courtesy of Josh’s job at the post office, I’m thinking of contacts. I love the glasses that I have, but I need something more. I need the ability to just pick up a pair of sunglasses if one pair breaks, or a screw pops out. I need the convenience of not dealing with glasses constantly getting dirty. I can just pop in a new contact if that happens.

I’m leery of getting them, though. I’m unsure if I can handle them. I plan on getting another pair of glasses, but they’re going to be cheaper frames, something that I don’t really like or care for, or at least ones that are just basic ones. I mean, I plan on getting ones similar to the ones I have now, because I love how they fit, but I won’t be shelling out $300 for a set of frames again.

Anyone make the switch from glasses to contacts? Any hints or tricks on how to make the transition easier?


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Are you Surprised?

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Sad State of Affairs

No, this isn’t a post about the economy or money, or anything like that. 🙂

I went to Walmart today (DO NOT START ON THE “EVILS” OF WALMART). I had to pick up a few things, like some One-A-Day Womens vitamins and Spicy Cinnamon hair color. Well, I went into the vitamin aisle and thought I saw the women’s. Nope, those were Prenatals. Definitely not what I needed. So, I couldn’t see the women’s. So, this awesome man, also looking at vitamins, goes “Are you looking for women’s? They’re right here.” I was so surprised to hear someone, who didn’t work there, offer to help. I immediately said, “Yes, thank you.” and picked them up.

It’s a pretty pathetic thing to be so surprised to see and hear someone offer to help others. It should be a natural thing to notice. In this day and age, though, it seems that no one has any courtesy for anyone. It’s all about the “me, me, me”. I admit that I do get sucked into that. Today, though, reminded me that I have to set an example for my children, and for the world. I will do better, I promise.

So, how has someone surprised you lately.

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