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I need to work

I’m so sucking at my pre-writing for my NaNo this year. Well, I’m doing much better than last year, and than I did for Writo de Mayo, but still!! I need to do it!!

Out of a 19-question project, I’ve completed THREE for Adrienne. I haven’t even started on Osias. Bleh!!

Here’s what I do have:

  1. What is your character’s name? Does the character have a nickname?
    Adrienne Karahalios
    Adri, Enne

  2. What is your character’s hair color? Eye color?
    Dark brown hair with ice blue eyes

  3. What kind of distinguishing facial features does your character have?
    Angelina Jolie lips

See, told you, not much 🙁

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Nervous Nelly

Okay, as many know, I’m planning on doing NaNo again this year. This year, I will complete it. I will “win”. I don’t care if I don’t get published. What I’m writing can’t be published in the monetary sense, anyway, because it’s fan-fiction. I just want to get it out, and see if I’m good enough to try and write professionally.

So, I’m scared to death. Scared to death that I’m going to fail. Scared to death that I’m not going to fail. Scared to death that others won’t like what I write. Scared to death that they will. See the contradictions? Gah! Driving me insane!!

I’ll also be doing this year’s meet-ups for Topeka. :w00t: That’s a big step for me. Several are on Sundays, so that means I’ll be able to escape for a bit while Josh deals with the kiddos. Works, right?
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NaNo is just around the corner. With that, the talk of “special” programs for it. Which writing program is better, etc. I already reviewed yWriter4, but I prefer OpenOffice. I gave up with Microsoft awhile ago, courtesy of them wanting exorbitant amounts of moolah for it. I refuse to pay for something I can get just as easily for free. 🙂

So, now I’m happily addicted to OpenOffice. I can save my projects to be useable in any version of Word/Excel/whatever, and open any of those extensions in OpenOffice as well.

What word processing/etc programs do you use?


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Is It Monday Already?

Wow! Hello, Monday 🙂
Josh is off today. One of the perks of being a government employee. Too bad he’s not getting paid for it, though. 🙁 He’ll make up for it tomorrow, I think 🙂

Nothing else really going on. Working on potty-training the boy that is Ethan. He did great yesterday. Not a single accident. Today? Not so lucky. 2 minutes or so shy of the bell (we’re using the timed method). Oh well. He was so upset about it and tried to hold it, according to the trail (Daddy’s dealing with that, :lol:).

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