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A Room of My Own

While we’ve come to the agreement that we’re not going to be buying a house anytime soon (we want to be sure that he’s going to get 40 hours every week). Just because we’ve made that decision, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have bedroom furniture that fits and suits me. I’m not sure if I want a modern bedroom or a contemporary bedroom, though. Then, sometimes, I seriously consider an Italian bedroom. So many choices, just one room.

The current bedroom set we have is just not our style. It’s faux marble, made with particle board. We got it for free, so I’m not knocking it. I want a sleigh bed, though. Something that keeps my mattress in place. Josh and the kids make it move all around and it’s not fun to deal with. I’m also pretty sure I don’t want a platform bed. I love being high up, but, once again, the threat of the mattress moving freaks me out. I can feel it, like the Princess can feel the pea, in Princess and the Pea. Weird, right?

No matter the style I choose, I want a whole matching set. Yeah, it’ll cost an arm and a leg, but I think it would be worth it in the end. I want something with a dark wood with light accents, much like how we want the room to look. Something that’ll make any bedset, no matter how cheap or expensive, look great. One that draws your attention away from the floor, so I don’t feel bad if it’s not spotless. Now, to get that house, so I can have the bedroom of my dreams.


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Haiku Friday – Life

Life can suck sometimes.
It’s that stupid Murphy’s law
Love it anyways

Looking at lay-offs
A possibility
No more mail, it seems

Support your carriers
Mail some freaking mail, for me?
Just forty-two cents


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