Perfect Work Space

I love having my , but sometimes, not having a stationary can really be a . I prefer to sit on the , because the chairs aren’t really that comfortable. I love sitting on the couch, with the ability to watch TV.

I need something more though. I need to be able to sit down and be there, and get productive. I don’t really have a place to store my notes, a place for my mouse that’s not a cushion, or a on a cushion. I love , but I hate having to put on . I have some rocking that came with my laptop, so I’m okay with that. But, the problem is finding the room to do what I need to do without taking over everything.

How do you work with a laptop? Do you use a stand? Or your lap? Share, share!!


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3 responses to “Perfect Work Space

  1. I have a lap top exclusively, so I have a beanbag lapdesk to set it on. I use the arm of my comfy chair for my mouse pad, but honestly, I’ve gotten used to using the touchpad for mousing now. I know what you mean though, when I work from home, I set my work laptop up on the kitchen table….those chairs are so uncomfortable after a few hours!!

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  2. When my laptop was functional, I either just put it on my knees, or on the arm of my big puffy chair.

  3. @ Lucy:
    I hate my trackpad. It just doesn’t work right for me, since my palms rest on my trackpad (it’s in the middle, like most HP’s).

    @ Kirsten:
    Man, if I rested mine on my knees, I’d be needing a massage chair or something because of the constant bedding.