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The Topeka Locals

As it might have been made a bit clear, I’m not a huge fan of Topeka. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of restaurants that I enjoy, nor anything else I find enjoyment in. I’m currently looking at Local.com, trying to see if there’s anything here that might actually interest me.

With this site, I can do a search for a local restaurant. I’m hoping to find a TGIFridays, or something that’s not all the way in Lawrence. I doubt that I will find one though.

One thing I don’t really need to do is a local person search. If there’s someone local I want to find, I’m sure someone I know will know the address, :lol:. You would hope, I think 🙂

Is there any sort of local search you need to do? Local.com would most likely be perfect for what you need.

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Perfect Work Space

I love having my laptop, but sometimes, not having a stationary desk can really be a hassle. I prefer to sit on the couch, because the kitchen table chairs aren’t really that comfortable. I love sitting on the couch, with the ability to watch TV.

I need something more though. I need to be able to sit down and be there, and get productive. I don’t really have a place to store my notes, a place for my mouse that’s not a cushion, or a mouse pad on a cushion. I love listening to music, but I hate having to put on headphones. I have some rocking earbuds that came with my laptop, so I’m okay with that. But, the problem is finding the room to do what I need to do without taking over everything.

How do you work with a laptop? Do you use a stand? Or your lap? Share, share!!


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On the hunt

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of the death of my mother-in-law.
I’m on the hunt for pictures of her. I swear I had some on the tower, but now they’re not there. I have no idea where the back-up CDs are. *grumble* I do know where the Walmart picture CDs are though. I know there are pictures on there 🙂

Tomorrow’s post will be dedicated to her, so if you don’t like sappy stuff, I’d advise you not to read. You’ve been warned 🙂

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