Election Times and Discussion

With the addition of an election tab on Plurk, there has been some bitching and complaining that it shouldn’t be on there. Honestly, I see the point. No matter where you are, the election of a US President really does affect you. Will the world be looking at McSame, or some sort of ?

This election is a big deal for me. I’m actually voicing my opinion and being quite vocal on it. I’m discussing it with friends and family. I’m not being timid and hiding my . For me, that’s a big thing. I’ve always usually been pretty quiet about it. This time around, I’m wanting the right person in office.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I want and leading my country. I do not want my health benefits taxed. I want my parents to be able to retire without having to get three jobs to survive. I want to buy a house, for god’s sake. I think, with Barack and Joe, I’ll have a shot at that.

I do not want in office. I do not a woman who obviously hates other women and wants to take away their choice. I’m pro-life personally. I don’t think I could abort my own child, but to make that choice for someone else? Fuck no!! I refuse to do that. And her being behind McCain? One major strike against her. The man has voted down equal pay for equal work.

They’re both against equal rights for gay couples. This “don’t ask, don’t tell” bullshit is fucked up. You tell that you’re gay, and you can, and most likely will be booted from the military. How can that even remotely be considered acceptable.

And the bullshit claims that Barack is going to take away guns? WTF? He’s said that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t do it. Congress would never pass something like that. Hell, I think Joe would kick his ass if he tried. He just wants to toughen the requirements for them. Honestly, what the hell is the problem with that. Guns in the hands of criminals, and those with mental problems? Please do not let that continue to happen.

Remember, 4th is your day to say “Enough is enough”, no matter who you’re voting for. Remember, though, that you have to register to vote! The last day in quite a few states is today. I know Indiana is one of them. Kansas is the 20th. Have you registered?

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