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More Future House Dreaming

My husband and I were discussing ceiling fans yesterday. Seriously! We were talking about cheap ways, when we get a house, how to use less AC and heater, and a ceiling fan is one of those easy ways. We both love having a fan in the dining room, and after being at my parents, who had a fan in every room, we loved how that felt.

I’ve found a few Craftmade ceiling fan designs that I adore. One of them, found here, called Brownstone is something I find gorgeous. I think it would look good with the kitchen design I want. I’m wanting a dark blue kitchen with white accents. Our house will have a lot of blue on white, :lol:, and not because I’m a Colts fan, though that is big reason.

There are definitely some interesting and unusual fans out there. Fanimation ceiling fans are just odd, and weird, in my opinion. My parents, in one of their bathrooms (they have 3), has a Tommy Bahama ceiling fan, or something of a similar style. Those are *expensive* fans. Ouch!!

What kind of ceiling fans do you have? What kind do you like?

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Haiku Friday – VP Debate Edition

I share opinions
One of the candidates
Just drove me crazy

Sarah Palin is
Not one I want in office
She scares me badly

She is anti-choice
She is anti-family for
Being with McCain

McCain is against
Equal pay for women for
Equal work. Um, what?

McCain wants to tax
Healthcare benefits received
Through employers. Huh?

Please, please, please, say no
Just say no to four more years
No more Bush. No way!!
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