Kicking my ass

I feel like today. The has kicked in today. I took PM and last night, and shit, I slept hard, but not long. 🙁 I woke up at 5 freaking AM. FIVE AM!! That’s, like, in the morning. , that’s TWO hours before my alarm. That’s AN HOUR before Josh’s 🙁 *grumble*

I’m not doing much better at all today. I just feel completely and totally out of it. Thank god for the , or I’d be going out of my mind, or else I’d be completely out, and that’s not good either.

Today, Josh had half his route pulled out off him. That means he shouldn’t be getting full-hours, but there is a very he might because of “-”. He plans on going through and delivering the regular , and going back and doing the “-mail”. -mail is the circulars, like ads and things 😉 I’m hoping he finishes early because I feel so bad, and I’m scared to zone out while I’m driving. It’s hell trying to drive when you’re sick, but add road-construction on the easiest and fastest route, and you’re begging for an accident 🙁


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