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Scrapbook Saturday – Striped Madi

speedscrap15th, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

Madi can be such a cute thing, though I’ve learned one thing with her: Do not make her smile. She’s cuter and more natural when you get a real smile and not one that is forced 🙂
A challenge for CafeMom. It was a hard one, LOL.
Credits: Retro Diva Designs

Feminine Fashions

Crazy awesome asymetrical black, white, red clothes
photo credit: Brett L.

Something I royally hate about being female is the fashions. No matter how you’re built, something that supposedly looks good on everyone doesn’t always look good on you. Sucks, but it’s true. I know I’m not the only one who has that problem.
For example, I want a baby doll top, because I love how they hide the belly rolls, but the downfall is that they can also make you look pregnant. Not the look I’m going for. 🙁
Low-rise pants are another problem. I prefer them, because if the inseam is a little short, I can get away with it, because I can just set the waist a little lower. But, no matter what, I end up with a muffin top. Not a sexy look at all.
How do you deal with the “fashions” of the times?

Showing My Obama-Mama-Ness :)

Proud Obama Mama - Made @ Meez.com

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Photohunt: Road

Theme: Road

The Road Home
Taken yesterday while heading home from Walmart. God bless my cellphone with it’s “decent” pictures.

A Little Boy Sleeps

A Little Boy Sleeps

Originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS

Ethan wasn’t feeling too hot yesterday, so I cuddled him on me while I lounged on the couch. Within minutes, he was asleep, and out hard.
Knowing he wouldn’t do this often, I took advantage and took a picture.
There’s nothing better than the warmth of a child on your chest.