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T13 – 31st Edition – Kansas Love

Thirteen Reasons I Like Kansas

1. My husband lives here
2. My kids live here
3. My CFB lives here
4. Seaman School District is a damn good district
5. Josh has a really GOOD job 🙂
6. Houses are affordable, more so than Florida or Indiana
7. I can drive without feeling I’m going to die all the time
8. Fall is GORGEOUS here
9. There’s actually snow. Yeah, more ice than snow usually, but still, SNOW!!
10. Gas prices are lower than the national average 😉
11. I have friends and family
12. The zoo and park is really nice
13. I love Madi’s school.

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On The Move

DSCN2459, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

I’m always trying to catch good shots of my son, but I can never seem to get a good one. Well, this was the best I could get of him today, LOL, and he’s still on the move.