Daily Archives: 16 September, 2008

Our 7th

Today was/is mine and Josh’s seventh anniversary. A few select said we’d never make it and that he’d leave me high and dry and knocked up.

Okay, they were right about the knocked up part. He did it twice, 😛 Do I sound like it bothers me?

What are we doing for our anniversary? He got me Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum (PC) for my gift (I got him something *cough* but I can’t discuss it online :melodramatic:). So far, not a fan. I can’t figure out how to get the stupid roads/paths to work without going insane. Bleh! I had the same problem with 2, :lol:, so why am I so surprised. He’s currently in the bedroom, playing Madden on the PS2. Yeah, he moved it to the bedroom. I’m getting ready to watch General Hospital: NightShift in the living room (which has digital cable). Currently watching General Hospital from this afternoon (I watched The OC instead this afternoon).

Things that Piss Me Off

I’m writing this in an okay, non-pissy mood, so it won’t be as good as it would have been if I’d written it when I was pissed off, :lol:.

  • Drivers who drive half the speed limit.
    I got stuck behind someone doing 20 in a 40. School speed areas were not in effect. It was 9:30am, those ended at 9am. Lights flash when it’s going on. BUT, they were doing it 3 miles before the zone, and 2 miles after. Yeah, I got the hell around them.
  • Parents who block parking lot entrances because they’re too lazy too pull around a bit more
    Yes, bitch, I flew around you. Yes, I stared at you, daring you to try and start something. You lazy piece of shit could have pulled over to the side a bit more, or all the way in, so that me, and the 2 cars, AND BUS behind me could get in a hell of a lot easier. Next time, I’m just going to ram your ass.
  • Baggers at Dillon’s
    He was great, he bagged well, but he forced me to switch carts, and do you have any idea how hard that is when you’ve made yourself comfortable in another cart, and a certain little boy is loving the truck front part of the cart I’m currently using?
  • Complex Parking Situations
    We got notice that they’re going to be painting parking lines for the building in front of us. That means, on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I get the joy of dealing with fucknuts in Four with thumping stereos, and their Escalade driving friends, loud as hell, in front of my building. That means I get to deal with Moron Oxygen Man parking too close to my truck because Moron in Eight can’t park for shit and takes up 2 parking spaces. Twelve apartments, 2 cars each on average, with spots designed for only 8 total cars. Yeah, that’ll make you pissy, too. 🙁

I’m gonna stop now, 😛