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Thursday Thirteen – 30th Edition – 9/11

I’m hearing people bitch and complain that today is called “Patriots Day”. That some people have today off.
Honestly, I see the point. Not about the bitching, but the day.
Pearly Harbor Day is remembered. No, nowhere near as vividly as 9/11, but the biggest reason is TV. 24-hour news. TV viewing was SUSPENDED for awhile because of 9/11. No one had regular tv for awhile. We saw 9/11 over and over and over. How can we forget after that?
For me, that day was a turning point. I reconnected with my family that day. My sister turned 12 that day. Josh called me his girlfriend that day. Five days after that day, Josh and I made it official. That day will live on forever for me.
Today is not a day to bash Bush.
Today is not a day to condone the war.
Today is a day to reflect on how that day changed us, our world, our future.

Thirteen Things About 9/11 That I Remember

1. I remember getting up and taking a shower, listening to Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory CD.
2. I remember hearing “In the End” in the car on the way to school.
3. I remember a huge crowd at the school (community college) as I got out of my English class.
4. I remember barely listening to the radio as I remembered heading to pick up Josh.
5. I remember Josh telling me that a plane hit one of the towers in New York.
6. I remember hearing on the radio that another plane hit the other tower in New York.
7. I remember hearing the coverage on TV about the plane hitting the Pentagon.
8. I remember calling my dad, bawling, because I missed him and wanted my family back.
9. I remember wishing my sister a happy 12th birthday (she’s 19 today, now).
10. I remember worrying about Mohammed, our Muslim friend, worrying someone was going to say something to him.
11. I remember seeing Amilcar freaking out because he had family who worked and lived in New York, one actually in one of the towers. His family members were all safe and accounted for.
12. I remember seeing the towers fall.
13. I remember that day like it happened yesterday, as clearly as I remember the births of my children.

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