Scrapbook Saturday

For this project you’ll do a different letter each week and post it here. Start with A, end with Z. Use only 1-2 words for the theme (such as A your adorable). Use the letter of the week to make a page. You may want to focus this entire project on one person (your child) or your family as a whole with evenly distributed pages for each member. lease don’t post ahead of schedule…even if you make them early, just save them until it’s time for that particular letter.

Week 1: A *ideas: admire, adorable, angry, angel, angelic, accident, absent, alive….
Week 2: B *ideas: beautiful, boy, baby, big boy, big girl, baptism, birthday, believe, breakfast…
Week 3: C *ideas: carefree, charming, cheerful, classy, crazy, creative, cuddly, curious, cute…
Week 4: D *ideas: daughter, darling, daring, dig, dump, dude, dance, dear

Week 02: -D-

Words chosen: Dorky Doofus

Kit: Digi Delights

A Wrinkle In Time

Theme: Wrinkled

A posed look with a wrinkled nose.
I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. With her playing outside every day, she’s getting so many freckles on her nose, and getting this cute and adorable little tan!

Wrinkle-inducing hair style.
She went off to school yesterday with braided pigtails, and man, she looked so freaking ADORABLE!!

A wrinkled cuteness
I planned on having wear these adorable 3T overalls. Guess who’s too tall for them? Poor guy has the same problem his sister and I share: long legs that don’t fit in normal pants. πŸ˜† So he got to wear them for a few hours before I decided waders were a little too much cuteness for me, and put him in some red shorts.