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Thursday 13 – 28th Edition

Today is my mom’s 43rd birthday. Yes, she’s an old bird. Nineteen days ago was my dad’s 50th. Guess who I actually remembered to call? Yeah, my mom, :lol:. That’s bad, right? :w00t: Dad understands, I think. His was on a Saturday. Brain is fried on Saturdays, :lol:.

Today’s 13 is just randomness. Complete and total randomness. No point or reason to it, 😛

Also, I think I’m gonna stop doing the song of the moment thing because I can’t always think of one 😉
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T13 – 4th Edition

Thirteen Services I Can’t Live Without

1. Plurk
2. Twitter
3. MyBlogLog
4. BlogCatalog
5. CafeMom
6. Pownce
7. Gmail
8. WordPress
9. Facebook
10. MySpace
11. Google Reader
12. Trillian
13. Ping.fm

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