Daily Archives: 19 August, 2008

It’s Only Tuesday?

Man, it seems so much later than Tuesday, doesn’t it? I swear, I feel like today is like Thursday, or something. I swear, it doesn’t feel like a Tuesday at all.

I’m ready for the konk. I’m ready to sleep, :lol:. Not gonna happen today. I have to drop off the second Jeep that we have (toddler-size) to someone who’s buying it. Still in the box, still with the Blitz price sticker on it. :w00t:. Making a small little profit on it, though not much of one, since we’re having to drop it off, :lol:.

Otherwise, no big plans for the day. I just want to sleep, and cry. After seeing the electric bill, I just want to shoot myself in the head and be done with it. $113 for it. ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN for electric. No, that’s not including the gas bill. That’s just the electric. WTF? It’s $40 more than last month. Yeah! Insane, right?