On The Hunt

Okay, I’ve always had problems finding the right sunglasses for me. I’m pretty much, for now, required to have one with prescription lenses, and man, at times, it really sucks.

I never know which brand to get, what type to look for. Then you get all the options that come with sunglasses. Polarization and UV Protection, those are the only options I even understand, courtesy of Josh and a lovely woman at Walmart explaining it to me.

Have you ever gone “where do I start?” when it comes to buying sunglasses? If so, I suggest ShopWiki. It’s Google for shoppers, I’m telling you. Plenty of links and information when it comes to what type of sunglasses you want, specific styles, and easy to understand definitions and explanations of options available without trying to sell it to you.

Weekly Plans – August 18 through August 24

The Goal: Each week, you figure out what you need to do for the following week. No real point, but it’s a great way of keeping track of plans and things.

Monday, August 18

  • Madison has school. That’s an obvious
  • Josh might or might not be off. Today through Thursday is up in the air.
  • Laundry needs to be done
  • Kitchen must be cleaned
  • Must create tags
  • Once I get the information from daizyhugz, work on her WP theme for her main blog. :w00t:

Tuesday, August 19

  • Take the kiddo off to school
  • Take the boy outside for some play time. We’re expecting rain Thursday, so I want to take advantage of the nice temps for the earlier part for him
  • More tags. I must, and will, get caught up

Wednesday, August 20

  • Must mail off card for Mom. Birthday is the 21st.
  • Madi has more school
  • Will I be caught up yet on tags? Doubt it, so work, work, work

Thursday, August 21

  • Mom’s birthday. The woman is getting OLD! She’ll be 43 this year. :evillaugh:
  • Time to get more tags done. Something, for anything
  • Maybe play around with me some Dreamweaver πŸ™‚

Friday, August 22

  • Today signifies the last day of Madi’s first week of school. How will she have survived? We’ll see, won’t we?
  • Josh works! :clap: Second day this week, unless they call him in another day.
  • Working, working, working. Will working never end?

Saturday, August 23

  • No school. :relieved:
  • Sleep in (doubt that’ll happen :fist:)
  • Pray Josh has hours, :lol:.

Sunday, August 24

  • Hmm, I have no idea. What to do?
  • Time to get some sleep. Let Josh deal with the kids