Photo Hunt – Colorful


My son and his “”. Yes, that’s what he called , :lol:.


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9 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Colorful”

  1. Kids love to draw and paint for sure. I love the way they invent words. For my contribution, I chose colourful flags flying on a Coastal BC ferry. I invite you to come see. — Margy

    Margy Lutzs last blog post..Coastal BC Stories Slide Shows in Powell River

  2. Those ‘cayons’ are a must-have. Sweet! Cute boy you have. Have a great weekend.

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  4. @ Margy
    He definitely does. I’m just glad we finally got them to stop using their walls for canveses.

    @ Angie
    Thank you. He’s sweet when he’s on his own. Put him with Sister and he’s evil, :lol:.

  5. hahaha.. thats funny how kids say things. he surely got some pretty colorful cayons there. hehehe

    Emzkies last blog post..PH: Colorful

  6. love his photo. so innocent-looking yet very curious! bet he had a great time with his “cayons”

    arlenes last blog post..Photo Hunt #15: Colorful

  7. @ Emzkie
    A whole box of 20 different colors. He loves them, and I love how easily they clean up.

    @ Arlene
    He’s my awesome little boy. He had so much fun with his “cayons”. πŸ™‚

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