Music is the window to the soul

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but I honestly believe that music is. You can gage someone’s mood by the music they have playing. Loud and banging can mean a really happy, bouncy mood, or a very dark . Lyrics can usually give you a clue into that.

I just recently updated my “” for my . I added songs that I thought fit me, and most any mood I could have. It’s always fun to try and figure out why I’ve decided on a certain song, so I figured I’d share my current 🙂

  • Man Out of You: I love , and the song in English, but I love how they sound in Mandarin, so I have the version.
  • I Loved Her First: This is one I play when I’m missing my father, or feeling romantic. The song makes me cry always, and honestly, I like that. Speaks of a good song.
  • : This one reminds me why I love Josh and why he loves me. Sometimes you need that little reminder 🙂
  • Keep the Candle Burning: This song, WOW! I fell in love with it when I was in high school. I know the lyrics by heart, and I don’t sound like a dying cow when I sing along with it. Come on, why not have it, then?
  • Mercy Came Running: reminds me that I’m not alone in this world, no matter what I feel at the time.
  • Cry (): Oh god, song makes me cry every time, but the behind it is awesome. I love a guy who’s not afraid to cry, but one who is strong, as well. Thank god I found me one.
  • Never Again: You ever have a really and want to just let the world know that you hate it? Well, this song is my when I feel like that 🙂
  • Living Our Love Song: The song that describes my parents (dad and step-mom) relationship. I love it. 🙂
  • Alyssa Lies: As a child who was abused, and no one seemed of authority wanted to do anything about it, I know the message behind the song. I never want to have my child tell me something like that.
  • May It Be: Yes, a song from the . Bite me, :lol:. Actually, I love the song, and the tempo is nice and slow when I need some relaxing 🙂
  • Basket Case: I still remember the first time I heard the song. VJ Moody was singing it during the first day of sixth grade. *w00t* Now I’ve given a clear view into my age, 😆
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry: I just love this song. Not much more that I can say about it, 😆
  • Clumsy: Another song I just absolutely love!!
  • Ever Ever After: Saw the movie for the first time with my daughter at my parents. We bought it for her awhile before, but I finally got a chance to see it with her. I loved it, and she did too, so it reminds me of a happy moment 🙂
  • An American Girl: Reminds me of my sister and I and my dad. 🙂 Yes, total and complete Daddy’s Girls
  • I Don’t Have to Wonder: I gotta have my Garth. It was the one I chose from Sevens. Josh had it on CD, and got it around the same time I bought my tape version (*w00t* more aging), so it reminds me of all the connections we have 🙂
  • Shameless: Yeah, a song I just adore, no matter how many times I hear it 🙂
  • Beauty and the Beast: Yes, I’m 26, no I don’t care. I love the song. Love, LoVe, LOVE the song, and the movie it’s from 🙂 Belle is my favorite Princess of all time 🙂

There’s my playlist. Yeah, quite a bit and still have 34 MB left to put stuff on (not including pictures and ringtones I have currently. *w00t*


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