Daily Archives: 29 July, 2008

The Death of Me …

it is a’comin’. The killer? Laundry. Lots of it.

I fell out of the habit of doing laundry after I came back from Mom and Dad’s. I’ve got loads upon loads. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate laundry? Yeah, I really hate to do laundry, :relieved:.

But, today, I’m turning over a new leaf. Okay, I’m just feeling motivated to actually do it, :loser:. I don’t get these motivations often, so when I do get them, I take full advantage of them :faint:.

Who’s with me, though, on finding someone to design us something to do the laundry for us? Come on, we’ve got someone to do the vacuuming for us, why not the laundry? Sounds reasonable, right?