Daily Archives: 22 July, 2008

Nope, No House

Josh called the realtor. She told him, flat-out, that it wasn’t a great house. It was previously owned by an old lady, the old lady type with lots of cats. These cats sprayed. *gross* Add to it that the basement had a major leak (a third of the foundation had to be replaced), yeah, not a good house for us.

But!! It invigorated Josh into looking for a house. We were thinking we might stay here, until we know for sure that he’s going to be become a regular within a certain time frame, but not really now. We’ll be applying for home loans around winter-time, I think. Our lease is up in May (May 01, 2009), and we want to be gone by then. We’re hoping that we can move out in April, technically, and use that last month to fix anything that needs to be fixed, like painting Madi’s room, replacing the blinds, etc.

Now I don’t feel so ridiculous looking at washer and dryers that conserve energy, looking at dishwashers, or drooling over a 26.6-cubic-feet refrigerator that has a freezer double the size of our current one, :lol:. *w00t*

Gah, I should be asleep

Yeah, so totally not in bed at all 🙁

Why? Because for some god-awful reason, I slept 12 hours yesterday, and therefore, no sleepy Sarah. *grumble*

I’m gonna be lovely to be around tomorrow 😉

Some news, though. Josh was looking at houses, just messing around, and found one that might be good for us. Three-bedrooms, three-bath, 1400-square feet, in the Seaman school district, and in Madi’s current elementary school district, for $60K. *w00t* He’s gonna call about it tomorrow, or at least talk to his dad, and see what he thinks. We’ll see how that goes 😉

And did I mention that it’s on 6.1 acres?