Daily Archives: 20 July, 2008

Important Tip

This one is very important!!

I was having some major problems when I upgraded from 2.5 to 2.6 on a few blogs. Took me and a friend to figure out what happened, and man, it’s stupid.

Now for the tip: Do not copy .htaccess files!!

Yeah, that was the whole reason no one could comment on two of my blogs, this one and ICanScrap.

So, now, comment away and do not forget the lesson here:

Don’t copy .htaccess files!!

Weekly Winners – July 13 – July 19

Also, please visit Sarcastic Mom, aka Lotus because she needs lots of love

Okay, yes, I haven’t done a Weekly Winners post in awhile, but I have good reasons: I’m LAZY 🙂 Well, not anymore. With the new phone, and with the hints of maybe a new camera for Christmas from Mom and Dad (ironic that they’re the one who’s purchased the two previous ones, :lol:), time to get to work on bettering my camera skills 😉

There are actually at least 7 more pictures I could have used, but I didn’t because I didn’t want the page to have to load for six days, :lol:.

Pictures taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4 and a Samsung BlackJackII.

Whatcha Doin’?
Taken at Walmart, right after I got my BlackJack

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Looking for someone smarter than me

I’m having a problem with 2 of my blogs. My host checked my settings, and nothing is funky on the server side.
Since only 2 out of five blogs are doing it, it looks like it might be something getting corrupted.
BUT, I have no idea how to check it or test that out.


Broken sites: http://randomamusements.net and http://icanscrap.com
To test what I mean, attempt to comment and you’ll see what I mean.
Any help is appreciated.

ICS has absolutely NO plugins installed. RA has several, so it’s not a plugin causing it.
Both are 2.6, but so is my other blog that is not having any problems 🙁
I’ve tried switching themes, and still have the same problems, so it’s not the themes.
I’ve replaced the wp-comments-post.php page with a “working” one and that didn’t work.
I’ve redone the .htacess pages, and no change.


Problem is fixed 🙂 *w00t*