Um, What Is That, You Say?

Theme: What Is That?

May I say that I definitely love this week’s theme? Leaves so much to play with. I had a lot of fun playing around with the camera trying to figure out ideas for the pictures 🙂


Now what could this be, really?

Yeah, just that needs to be rewashed 😉 Not as exciting as it looked, right?


Actually, I have a lot more shots saved, but I decided not to use them. Come on, I have to have something for Weekly Winners, right?



p align=”left”>Oh, and if you want an idea of how much I hate laundry? Those clothes have been sitting in that washer, being rewashed since Tuesday. YIKES!! So not a great asset to the , am I? Can’t be as bad as the apartment complex watering the lawns IN THE . o.O


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3 responses to “Um, What Is That, You Say?

  1. the first pic had me thinking all right.

    bingskees last blog post..Photohunt: What IS that?

  2. @bingskee
    I originally got the idea from Sarcastic Mom because she does similar water shots, but uses the shower, and I love how those turn out 🙂

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