Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill


Okay, these simple and easy tips are ones that anyone can do, for quick and cheap ways to lower your electric bills. Your results might differ, as for one thing, I’m in an apartment complex, and can only make so many certain changes. So, you might be able to make a few more modifications on top of what I’ve done and maybe save even more money.

First off, PROOF that I’ve lowered my power bill. Okay, the bill itself might not be lowered (I don’t have a copy of last years), but I have proof that I’ve lowered my KWH per day, which makes a HUGE difference on your power bill.

Period Days KWH KWH/DAY
Current 32 782 24.4
Last Year 29 803 27.7

Step One: Maintain the Temps

Turn up your thermostat. If you’ve got it less than 78, unless you have a medical condition that requires your temperature to be below a certain on, turn it up. There’s no need to have it below 75. It’s more efficient to keep your set at 78 or so. I personally keep ours around 80, but we turn it down at night.

Step Two:

Purchase some fans. There’s no need to keep your AC set at a low-low temp if you’ve got fans to keep the air flowing throughout your home.

I personally have a Lasko 3300 20″ DLX Wind Machine. I got mine at Walmart for less than $30. My husband wanted to spend $50 for one that used more electricity, and blew less air. NOT efficient at all.

Step Three: Keep Cool

  • Do your heavy chores in evening or early in the morning, when it’s cooler. Okay, this isn’t completely about lowering your electric bill, but the less you overheat yourself, the less likely you are to adjust that thermostat.
  • Lay in front of the fan if you’re hot. Okay, yeah, that one sounds a little “duh” by my kids LOVE to do it, and they keep cool.
  • Dress cool and comfortable. Don’t walk around in jeans and other thick pants. Remember that less is more when it comes to dressing cool.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and moisture-rich fruits and veggies, such as cucumbers, strawberries and watermelon. Besides being really good for you, it keeps you hydrated and helps your body maintain a cooler body temperature

Step Four: Replace Your Bulbs

I’m a huge advocate for the new CFL bulbs. We have all but I think two lighting fixtures with them. We saw an immediate lowering of our bill once we installed on package of five of them five-and-a-half years ago. We’ve only had to replace two bulbs of those original ones as well.

Yes, they’re a bit of an investment, but honestly, the amount you save in a year vastly outweighs that initial investment, in my opinion, PLUS, you’re also helping the environment. Two for the price of one? I’d take it in a heartbeat.


The simplest of things are the easiest ways to lower the cost of anything.

What are your suggestions for lowering electric bills?


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3 responses to “Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

  1. Another great tip is to unplug things you are not using. Even if the appliance is off it still pulls electricity. Isn’t that crazy? Last night on the news they were saying leaving an unused blender plugged in for a month will increase your bill by $25!

    Thanks for advertising my blog (The Miller Way) on your blog!

    delilahs last blog post..What Day Of The Week Is It?

  2. @Delilah
    I haven’t tried unplugging anything because most of our stuff that isn’t always on has a clock that requires a reset every time.
    That, and most everything is on a surge protector, because the apartment complex is known for surges (half the complex will be without power for hours, while the rest of the area will have it 😯 ).
    Most everything, though, is unplugged, and actually put way. The blender, the mixer, the food processor. Only things left plugged in are the toaster (my husband leaves for work early in the morning, and his brain isn’t quite awake, so he’ll forget to plug it in and then get a little annoyed if his toast or pop tarts aren’t warm), microwave, computers (on surge protectors), and tv-related equipment. 🙂