Less-Words Wednesday

The picture represents the end of an age. It represents the end of being my baby girl to being my school-aged . cry Everything inside that bag was picked by her, and while I’m proud that she’s starting , it’s a bittersweet feeling. The bag houses a 2- in white, waiting for to design the cover for it. Inside the binder are two , one of an and a pink-sparkly design one. She also has a pink supply box, with a Princesses zipper bag inside. There’s also a box of 3-oz in a pink and brown circle pattern. Inside the front-zipper-pocket is her Crayola Markers. The are also part of her school supply list, and patterned with butterflies and .


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6 thoughts on “Less-Words Wednesday”

  1. @Karen
    She’s my oldest. My youngest (and only other child) is only 3, and born in March, so we’ve got 2 years before he starts school πŸ™‚

  2. @Domestic Diva
    Definitely a *tear* moment. I got all choked up packing the bag. πŸ™ *cry*

  3. Starting Kindergarten is such a HUGE milestone! I think I will definitely be choking tears back when my youngest starts in a couple of years…

    P.S. Just added you to the Scrapbook Saturday blogroll! Let me know when you post on the other one and we can add that one, too πŸ˜‰

  4. @MammaDawg
    My youngest starts in a couple years, as well. This one is my oldest πŸ˜‰

    I’ll definitely let you know. I need to seriously get that blog up and running!

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