What to write

It seems that’s the big problem lately with me. I can’t seem to come up with a subject that I can just ramble on endlessly about. Gah!! It’s the one think I hate about , and honestly, the only thing. I can never think of . Never, ever.

Hmm, oh wait. I just came up with an idea, didn’t I? Complaining that I can’t come up with a topic. 😛

I’m trying to come up with ideas to start doing more video blogging (or some, I should say), but I also can’t think of ideas for that 🙁 Suggestions?


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2 responses to “What to write

  1. ah bloggers brain fart, we all go through those at one point in our careers. Don’t worry it will pass eventually and then you’ll have so much you want to write about that it is hard to keep all the ideas together.

    I would suggest that if/when you get into video blogging that you use viddler.com. That is where I do my video blogging at and since it isn’t as big as youtube you will get a lot more exposure and personal feedback. Look into it. Also you can join groups on viddler that can help you spark ideas for video blogging content. I am thedomesticdiva over there if you wanna look me up.

    Domestic Divas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Bokeh!

  2. @Domestic Diva
    I get writers block about once a week, 😆 and then, as you said, I get a huge influx of ideas, too many, in fact. I need to learn to start writing the posts, but not publishing them, until I need the boost 😉

    Thanks for the suggestion for the site. I’ll look into it.