Daily Archives: 11 July, 2008

Pretty Pretty Pictures

Okay, time to share some pretty and varied pictures that I’ve taken recently. Some pictures have time and date on them, because I didn’t remove it for when we were gone to Indiana.

Madison trying to figure out her new bike. Josh had the seat way too low, hence the bowlegged look.


She looks happy, though, doesn’t she?

Daddy helping her figure out what to do with her feet.

Getting ready to take a walk. Different day.

Something ominous this way comes. Storms blowing through did spark some tornado warnings, but as far as I know, no reports of anything touching ground.

Raindrops keep falling on my head. The rain, before it came down so hard I was getting wet standing at my door.

Fear over what may come. Not the greatest shot of me (you can see UP my nose, LOL), but I like the look.

Can you hear me now? One of the megaphone things at the apartment playground.

I can jump!! Ethan trying to get up on the playground set without going up the stairs first. Not quite tall enough yet.

Hold on tight! I was standing on a piece of the playground equipment that bounces. Thought it made a good photo-op.

I think I can, I think I can. For once, a halfway normal shot of my son running. He usually looks like he has a few loose screws, if you catch my drift, :/

The moving thingie that my hand was on when I took the picture of my hand. No idea what to call it!

Can I Has Shop Now?

Soon she leaves the nest
Scurrying away to grow
To learn her own self
I’m ready to let
her take that huge step away
but I’m also sad
She’s my first born, my
baby girl, my little one
Goodbye preschooler

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My Smelly House

Now, my house doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t smell great. Well, it didn’t until I got me some Renuzit TriScents. I got a beach-y scented triscent, and man, oh man, is it a gorgeous scent. It’s called Seaside Breezes. The scents it comes with are Relaxing Waves™, Beach Breezes™, and Ocean Oasis™ scents

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