Daily Archives: 9 July, 2008

Blog 365 Failure

Since I’ve found Plurk, I’ve become a Blog365 failure. But, you know what, I’m okay with that. I’m still blogging, I’m still being real and myself, I just found another outlet.

We have the first day of school figured it out. Madison starts August 14th. Yes, you heard me right, on a Thursday. That day is from 8:45 until 11am. Yeah, super freaking short day. Insane, right?

I’m getting super freaking annoyed with this complex though. Today, pest control came through. That wasn’t unexpected. We got the notice at noon yesterday (yay, for so-called 24-hours notice, right?). Well, the maintenance man knocks on the door. I’m halfway to the door when I think I hear a key in the lock. Well, as I reach the door, it flings open, nearly smacking me in the face. My look of death made Bug Man (very nice, very respectable fellow, BTW) back up, but Maintenance Man just smirks. He kept the door WIDE open, even though I had the AC on, even after Bug Man tried to close it. GAH! WTF?