Weekly Plans – July 07 to July 13

The Goal: Each week, you figure out what you need to do for the following week. No real point, but it’s a great way of keeping track of plans and things.

Monday, July 07

Tuesday, July 08
  • Laundry (I never did any last week, so I’m way behind)
  • Sigtags for Sigs ‘n More
  • Continuing on the update for Sigs ‘n More
Wednesday, July 09
  • Time to clean those gross nasty bathrooms 😉
  • Time to update Sigs ‘n More
  • Most likely some more laundry
Thursday, July 10
  • Living and dining room are begging for a cleaning. Will they get done?
  • If I have any orders to fill, I’ll be filling them then. If not, I’ll be working on more things.
Friday, July 11
  • Today is pay day. Woo hoo!! Finally, !! Should be a decent , since worked 6 days last week, and should have one day of vacation for the week before, which means 6 days then, too, as well. We’ll see, I guess
  • Time to clean at least one bedroom. Will it be Madi’s, Ethan’s or mine and Josh’s? We’ll see, won’t we?
  • Gonna be working on other Sigs ‘n More items, be it IM letters, WP themes, or whatever. Any requests? Holler here 🙂
Saturday, July 12
  • If he’s scheduled, this will be day 13 in a row for Josh. He was scheduled all 7 of July 05 to July 11. Yeah, it’s overtime, and if he works more than 56 hours, it’s double-time, but gah! I want him home!!
  • No other major plans though. Plan on taking it easy and just relaxing 🙂
Sunday, July 13
  • Will they schedule him today, or will they not. Andy, one of the , said that he’d been scheduled 3 and 4 Sundays in a row, but told him that if they start on him about times because he’s going slower due to , to let him know, because they’re not allowed to harp on the times, courtesy of Union Contract 🙂
  • Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to go to Best Buy or AT&T store to get my new phone. We’ll see on that, I guess 🙁

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