Lost Business

I’ve been wanting to buy a new BlackBerry Pearl (Multimedia Phone), and I was planning on buying it at , but that plan fell through. I ran into so many problems in the search and plans. I honestly now refuse to buy anything from their Connection Center, online or otherwise, because of the problems I’ve had since trying to get the phone.

The Beginning

The start of the story starts when my husband was in the process of switching from being a Walmart Electronics associate to a postal carrier, so a little over a year ago. During that time, the Connection Center in his store was getting the ability to order any phone available through any carrier. If the carrier themselves carried the product, Walmart could get the customer that phone, at a Walmart price. At least, that’s what we were told. Come to find out, that’s just an advertising gimmick. That, or things have seriously changed in just under a year

The Search

I’ve been searching for a phone for several months. I started my search, officially, in December of 2007, for a contract expiration in May of 2008. So, definitely doing major research into what I needed and what I wanted. I’d finally found the phone of choice, bouncing around between two: Samsung a737 and a Blackberry Pearl 8110.

So, I found really good deals on . Really good deals. I could get the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Titanium for FREE, regardless of upgrade of contract or what. Or, so I thought.

Trying to Order

I chose, when choosing the phone, the “renewed 2-year contract” because that’s what I was doing, and thought, “Wow, this is so easy!! A little too easy, it turns out.

It immediately pops up with choosing a new plan to upgrade to. Nowhere on the site, and I searched it, did it say that an upgrade to your plan is also required.

So, I thought I’d check out phones only, since I only need the phone and not a plan upgrade:

Yeah, that was a terrible idea. $260.00 for it, which is insane and ridiculous.

Customer Service

So, I fired off a nice and polite e-mail to Customer Service of .com, which is what has their cellphone connection center through.

I’m wanting to order a Blackberry Pearl, on an existing AT&T contract. My contract is up for renewal. I’m having a problem ordering it, though. I’ll choose the phone, but it asks me to choose a plan. I’m already on a plan, one that I cannot really change. My line is available for renewal. I’m just wondering how I’m to order without choosing an actual contract plan, since I do not need that part, but want the phone as part of my existing contract.

See, nice and polite. Concise in what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, the reply left me with no answers, besides something I definitely didn’t want to hear. Something that should be listed on the site.

Thank you for contacting .  In order to upgrade you have to be in the 22nd month of your 24 month contract.  You are also required to update your plan to one of the new plans listed.  If you have any additional questions or need assistance in placing an order please reply back to this email or give me a call at the toll free number below.
Thank you,
[Name Deleted], Sales Representative
Sales Department
1 866 *** ****  ext. 3290

Yeah, not buying from Walmart. That’s BS that I have to upgrade my plan. I talked to a friend online who works for AT&T Customer Service and she agreed that what Walmart/LetsTalk is doing is a bunch of BS, and suggests to either check Best Buy or AT&T directly, which is what I plan on doing.

So, beware of purchasing things like cellphones through Walmart. I love the workers in the Connection Center of the store we shop at because we know them, but I won’t be buying from them anytime soon.


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