Daily Archives: 3 July, 2008

Why Do I Hate Fireworks?

The red circle in the middle of the parking lot? That’s where MORTAR fireworks were being set off. That apartment circled? Yeah! That’s MY apartment. Looks really fucking safe, doesn’t it? The office management? They can’t be arsed to do anything about it. I’ve left notes, our neighbor has personally said shit to them. They just don’t give a fuck because the morons doing it are paying rent!!
Considering another apartment’s Roman candles HIT our window (the one that you see, the apartment it came from is NEXT to the building that shot the mortars. If it had been one of those mortars? We would have been screwed, because it would have broken the window, and Josh were RIGHT THERE in front of that window. Me on the laptop, and he playing MarioKart.
Then you take into account, the idiot in three, of this building throwing bottle rockets into the dumpster. We had a FIRE last year because of fireworks, you’d think her dumb ass would not be doing it. Then again, she’s taking her kids to the apartments where they’re being drunken fools, so I’m not surprised she’s so stupid.

Do I Have To?

I absolutely hate cleaning. One of the biggest reasons is because I hate lugging out around a huge bulky vacuum. They’re loud, they’re huge, and they’re big energy hogs. Well, not anymore. Dirt Devil has come up with a new vacuum that’s earned the Energy Star approval.

Lately, how I avoid vacuuming is that I’m letting my husband deal with it, or I threaten my daughter to make her do the vacuuming. My daughter’s five-years-old, and she runs away when the vacuum comes near her. Heck, my son runs away as well. While it’s fun to chase them with it, I just refuse to bring it out.

I want something that I don’t have to think about, something I don’t have to wrap a cord around when I’m done. Something I can handle and chase my kids around with, but not completely scaring them and scarring them because the sound is so loud. Do you hear me, Dirt Devil? I really would like one of your vacs!!