Haiku Friday – Books and Things

I like to read books
lots and lots of books daily
Books are my passion

I recently wrote a post at Random Amusements about the impact of what you write, because of a song I’d heard. That song was Red Letters. Besides inspiring a post for one blog, it also inspired a post for here.

As some might or might not know, I’m a Christian, just not a huge practicer. The reason is that there is so much hypocrisy in the Church right now that I can’t piece what I believe and what I don’t.

I’m currently on the hunt for a certain specific Bible. I’ve got two requirements for it: it must be a Life Application Study version, and the language it’s “written” in should be NTL: New Living Translation, meaning layman’s terms.

I’ve found the one I want, and I’ve wanted it for years (like going on 7 years now, xD), but I haven’t been able to find it in the stores I’ve looked at, and when I do find it, it’s out of my price range. I’ve seen it range from $50 to over $100. That’s a scary price to pay for a , but considering the fact that my old Bible is very old, and now, not quite age appropriate, I definitely need a new one.

So, what kind of /religious book do you prefer?


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