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Easy Recipe – Rice and Sausage

Okay, this recipe is designed for those who want something healthy-ish, but have a limited amount of time to prepare it. The recipe is snagged from my mom, and my kids absolutely LOVE it!! She usually uses a spicy rice mix, but I use something herb-y or cheese-y to keep my kids happy.
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Light Me Up

As most readers know, I currently live in an apartment, but that we plan on buying a house within the next year, hopefully. With the purchase of a house, it means making certain changes, to make the house “ours” rather than “theirs”. One of those changes are to the light fixtures.

I love looking at lighting fixtures. I have no idea why. I think it has to do with the fact that my parents would change a couple and it would change the whole look and feel of the room. They redid the bathroom light fixtures more times than I can count, and it always felt like a new bathroom each time.

When it comes to kitchen light fixtures, or for the dining room, I want chandeliers in at least one room. I don’t care about the size, I just want something that hangs from the ceiling and something pretty.

If you could have the choice of home lighting, what would you choose?

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Weekly Plans: June 23rd through June 29th

The Goal:
Each week, you figure out what you need to do for the following week. No real point, but it’s a great way of keeping track of plans and things.
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