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Thursday Thirteen – 21st Edition – Get Drunk and Party

*chicken sounds*
Honestly, I am a chicken-shit (hee hee), which is why I’m posting this here, instead of telling him myself. This week’s 13 are thirteen things I missed about Josh 🙂

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LJ Icons :)

I added 4 or 5 new icons just now. I’m using one of them.
The others:
: recent picture of Ethan and Madi
: whistles innocently
: My sister Megan 🙂
Madi made the house with vanilla Ritz sticks 🙂

Josh should have been here today, but they hit bad traffic in Richmond, and stayed over in Charleston, HALFWAY from here to Virginia. A 12-hour trip is going to take them 2 days, because of traffic and Mark not taking his truck as well 🙁

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