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How much money is your blog worth?

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Thursday Thirteen – 20th Edition – Thirteen Weird Search Terms

Things are going well while we’re in Indiana. Sister is being a major pain in the ass (at least 1 major blow-up a day, including verbal confrontations, but no physical yet, though I had to restrain myself from doing something yesterday). We’ve figured out when we’re leaving. We leave June 21st, so that we can have Madi’s birthday here (and not on the road). The post office has Josh working the Saturday and Sunday before he leaves, so he’ll be getting a later start than he’d planned 🙁 Poor guy!!

The kids are doing well. They’re all excited for BABY FISH!! One of the fish Megan and I picked out for Dad had BABIES!! So far there are 3 little “cow fish”. They’re not really cow fish, they’re just spotted like them. They’re freaking CUTE!!
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