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Pictures, Lots of Pictures

1. Madi inspecting a stick.
2. Miss Kitty (yes, that’s her name :))
3. Another stick inspection
4. Madi loved that stick, ROFL.
5. Ethan and Uncle Danny on the 4-wheeler
6. Madi and Uncle Danny on the 4-wheeler
7. Ethan and Madi being cute
8. Amber and Tristan (Amber is our cousin)
9. Me, Ethan and Tristan 🙂
10. Madi and the schoolhouse (or school bus as Ethan calls it, :lol:)
11. Ethan’s engrossed (he was watching Dora)
12. Washer and Dryer that I want 🙂
13. The tub of my dreams
14. A gorgeous sink

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