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I’m in dire need …

of a new cell phone. So far, it looks like I’d have to order it, since Walmart “carries” it but most stores don’t have them in stock. It’s a cute freaking phone, and FREE with 2-year activation. 🙂 Mom just got a new one today. She got a Palm Centro, and Dad got a Samsung Blackjack about 2 or 3 months ago.

The phone I’m wanting to get has the texting and multimedia stuff that would be perfect for Josh and I, since I went ahead and added the new family unlimited for texting, multimedia sends, and IM’ing, and for only $30, and that includes BOTH lines!! It’s only $5 more than what we were paying prior to that, with more added. Works for me, and worth it, if I can convince him that a SmartPhone is something that I need (which I do, :lol:). Hell, the phone even comes with EAR BUDS, so I’m getting a pocket computer, a digital camera, a phone, AND an MP3 player, FOR FREE (not counting $18 activation fee).

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Dealing with grossness

Ethan ended up getting sick. He soaked sheets, comforter, pillow, and his “seepy” (his blanket). Then, while I’m going to the bathroom, he proceeds to vomit all over his train blanket. Thankfully, Megan had a couple extra little ones that she was giving to him anyway. Looks like I won’t be getting any sleep tonight (this morning, I guess I should say, since it’s 2am now).

It’s so hot and muggy here that even running the ac isn’t helping. All fans are on in the house, AC is on, and its still humid and stuffy in the room we’re in. Megan’s room is coolish, which is where Madi is so that she can get the sleep that she needs.

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