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Locating a Business

Since I’m in town from out of town, I’m having problems finding a few places that I want to visit. Mom and Dad are able to give me directions, but sometimes I just want to go without having to bother them. Well, Local.com. Any information I’d really want, right at my fingertips.

With Local.com, I can get driving directions. While I do know how to get most places in Evansville, I can still easily get lost. Doesn’t help that one major road is under major construction.

I need to do a search of local restaurants and find some different places to eat. GD Ritzy’s is awesome and all, but it gets boring. I wanna take Madison out for a nice treat for her birthday, but I think that depends on finances. 🙁

This post brought to you by your friends at Local.com

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Blogging on vacay
Harder than you would think, but
doable, I think

I’m working, doing
things that must be done, feeling
that I’m a part now

When I moved away
8 years ago now, i felt
like an outsider

This time, I feel love
that I’m willing to accept
feels good and awesome
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