Haiku Friday

There’s a in there
One of those cleaner types
The sole survivor

Don’t buy that sweet face
She’s not innocent at all
Nope, she’s not at all

No running away
You’re still gonna have to pay
Say bye bye freedom

Speaking of freedom
Time for net mobility
Woo hoo! FREEDOM! YAY!!

More freedom for show
is out of high
Time to start

Don’t right now, Hon
Freedom isn’t all of that
Life can sometimes suck

Don’t look so scared, though.
You will be fine and make it.
I have in you

You have
you will need in life
You’ll be a-okay

Never forget, though
Those lessons you learned at school
They do have purpose


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2 responses to “Haiku Friday

  1. Wow! We had the same thing happen with our fish tank. My condolences! I hope your next round of fish work out better.

    Mom24s last blog post..Haiku Friday…summertime beginnings

  2. This was because kiddos thought it was a good idea to feed them a whole brand-new can of fish food o.O *eeps*
    I’m hoping to replace this weekend, along with a cover so that they can’t do it again 😉