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I’m hot. I’m sweaty.
It’s not even June, yet.
I HATE summer!!


Looks like I won’t be hitting the hay anytime soon. Ethan and Madison both have wicked colds. Madi’s is starting to get better, but it’s hitting Ethan HARD!! Poor mite is congested like CRAZY, and the drainage is making him gag. He’s already puked twice because of it. 🙁

I’m seriously missing Josh, though. I miss being in his arms, and being held by him. 🙁 Here’s a letter I wrote “to” him:

To the love of my life,

Our beautiful kids are watching Mulan II as I write this. I miss being in your arms [I say that a lot, don’t I?]. You are truly my soulmate.

I’m counting down the days until I see you again.

Don’t take to heart Madi’s refusal to talk. It’s the phone, not you. Remember that.

Love always,
Sarah <3

Thursday Thirteen – Places I’ve Been

Things are going here, xD. That’s about all I can say. We haven’t really done much since we’ve been here. Plans for things are for a bit later on, xD.
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Quick Post

I’m practically falling asleep, so while I wait for the rest of Lappie to boot, I’m gonna do a quick post 🙂



Well, I haven’t been that great at keeping up with Blog365. I’ve missed a couple days, but I’ve been writing.

I’m currently sitting in my sister’s room watching Lady and the Tramp with Megan and Madison. Ethan is in the other room supposed to be napping.

Ethan ended up spiking a fever, same as Madison. Thankfully, this time, without the puking. Woo hoo!! Both are now congested as hell, but they at least sound adorable while they are at it 🙂

Plans have changed so far on the vacation front. Instead of going with Josh and his family to Virginia, I’m going to be staying here in Evansville for another week. Mark wants to go to Virginia and then come back, with no visiting. o.O So, that would be about 5 days in hotels and a vehicle for the kids. Not really entertaining for them and raises our chances for car sickness. Not going to deal with that. Mom and Dad don’t mind me and the kids staying a little longer 🙂 Megan might be of a different opinion though 😉