Scare of my life

My is still racing, even though who it happened with is calm as a cucumber.

What happened? My son almost literally passed out. He held his breath so much that he couldn’t get it back. His eyes started to roll back in his head and his mouth was starting to foam. He literally scared the bejeezus out of me. He scared himself though too. I could see the in his eyes when he couldn’t stand, and when he realized he couldn’t take a breath.

This was the result of a . I wasn’t getting him what he wanted when he wanted. Anyone ever experience that with their kids, and have any advice on how to either stop the holding of the breath, or something? Ethan’s three, if that makes a difference. My did the same, but man, that’s scary crap!!


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6 responses to “Scare of my life

  1. crunchy carpets

    Wow..scary..I can’t say I have experienced that…but wow

  2. @ Crunchy Carpets :: this about the third time he’s done it to nearly that extent, but never once have I been that scared, because I’ve seen my brother do the same. I don’t remember my mom having to catch my brother because he doesn’t have the strength to hold up his legs.

    As usual with kids, within 5 minutes, he’s 100% totally fine o.O

  3. Stella said she used to do that when she was a kid, and her mother would blow in her face to get her to take another breath – and when that didn’t work, she’d slap her “for her own good”, which would startle her enough to take a breath.

    Amy stopped breathing once after crying a lot; blowing in her face worked that time, too.

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  4. @ Philip :: Thanks. The blowing in his face or the “smack” didn’t work this time. This time I think he really couldn’t catch his breath and I was close to dialing 9-1-1, honestly. Still shaking over it and it happened 2 hours ago.

  5. Holy cow! Well I’m glad your son is ok. My critters don’t hold their breath at all I don’t think. But of course during a massive fit, they’ve just forgotten to breath or something, and I’ve always said you need to calm down and breathe.

    Hope you can figure out something for your critter.

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  6. @ Chica :: It wasn’t even that big of a fit. It was enough to scare him, though, and he hasn’t done it since. He started to do it earlier today and I guess he remembered, because he immediately took a fast breath and then just decided to cry instead.